Title: 8/1/2013 6:42:32 AM
Solidly good Chinese that won't break the bak. The restaurant is really more of a take out place, but the people working the counter are super nice. Get the black bean chicken, General Gau's chicken, and don't miss the teriyaki sticks.
Title: 2019/5/5 13:54:17
I am currently at 950 Falmouth Rd. Mashpee. What is the delivery charge to this address?
Title: 2019/5/5 13:53:27
I am currently at 950 Falmouth Rd. Mashpee. What is the delivery charge to this address?
Title: 2018/7/4 12:09:05
6-27-18 I was on a group trip from New Jersey and we ate nect door at Sports bar..I decided to eat Chinese that evening..I purchased egg foo young..There was no rice with meal. And I purchased a 20oz Cola...Got back to our resort in Yarmouth and my soda wasnt in bag..After I asked tbe young man had he put my soda in bag....I was truly disappointed and I bern driving Id returned the entire meal.... Disappointed Customer from New Jersey
Title: 2018/12/31 12:29:55
Hello, Can yo please tell me if you are still taking phone orders for pick up this evening 12/31? Thank you and Happy New Year! Mark
Title: 2018/12/27 13:45:36
Hi Do you have gluten free items on your menu? Thank you Phil warren
Title: 2018/1/4 16:09:40
Best Chinese food.....grace under pressure...New Year's Eve 2017...staff was preparing and packaging dozens of orders...all on hand were polite and put out AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS food....everything in my order was "perfect"....they are inexpensive too....'must be that the owner was awarded by Martin Yan...'Yan Can Cook' fame...please keep putting out great Asian food...Thank You...Shea...shea...
Title: 2017/11/28 22:17:30
Title: 2017/11/28 22:17:25
Title: 2013-09-12T06:32:18.646-07:00
Tried the great wall for the first time and was pleasantly surprised as to how good the food was for what looks more like a take out restaraunt. I would recommend this establishment to others. I will definitely return.
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