Title: 2022/8/19 10:57:25
Do you have any menu items which are gluten free?
Title: 2021/9/28 14:12:04
Can you please tell me which of your menu items are gluten free. thank you
Title: 2021/5/12 14:56:52
Do you deliver to Falmouth? I used to go to your restaurant when I lived in Mashpee and I loved it!
Title: 2021/3/31 10:14:06
Would you consider adding a small order of Crab Rangoons to your menu? Most places include these with their PuPu platter, but you do not, and an order of 11 is a little large for just an add-on. Thank you!
Title: 2021/2/27 7:33:21
As a long time customer, I was very disappointed in my order last evening. Is there a new chef? Was there some total miscommunication between the person taking the order and the chef? We ordered the same items we’ve ordered many times in the past, but were shocked to find that the one substitution ingredient I always get in one of the dishes was completely ignored, and instead, ALL of the other vegetables normally included were omitted instead. And the sauce was totally different, despite the name and description of the meal being unchanged. Guess I’ll have to try to find another option in the future, as I can’t trust what I order here anymore. Very disappointed.
Title: 2021/12/29 17:07:56
2nd time in a row you screwed me and didn't put my rice in my bag God dammit get it right for Christ sake!
Title: 2020/6/9 16:26:43
Yeah!!! Your open again! BEST Chinese food on the Cape! My children (all in their 50's) all live in FL are jealous that they won't be traveling to the Cape this summer - Great Wall is the FIRST restaurant they order from when they come home! & my friend Mrs. Casey and I will be ordering this week. Missed you all.
Title: 2020/5/29 15:29:23
Greatest Chinese food in all of Cape Cod. Tastes Fresh everytime. Been missing their food since the Pandemic started and they had to close. Cant wait for you to open again. Your food cant be beat.
Title: 2020/5/18 3:30:21
OSM Content in our blog must read it
Title: 2020/10/24 5:24:04
Very disappointed with my last visit. We spend close to $100 each time, because we love the food. Last night, we put in three simple requests which were completely ignored. No white rice, no veggies in the beef fried rice, and extra soy and mustard sauce. Was very unhappy that some of the food had to be tossed because they did not pay attention to the specifics of the order
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