Title: 2/9/2015 8:20:47 AM
I was wondering if we could get a chance to give you a price on printing your souvenir t-shirts, employee apparel, aprons or anything you might need. Check us out on FaceBook to see some of our work. Believe it or not, Spring is coming.ThanksMike Tassinariwww.ArtworxTotalGraphics.com781-878-3434
Title: 12/31/2013 8:19:11 AM
FYI: First time trying and this was take-out on NYE and they were slammed; the wait was hour+. I doubt that is the usual. Also, I had allergy/sensitivity to consider for my party. They cook with vegetable, not peanut oil. I also requested no-MSG (which you can get only for non-appetizer items). I don't know if the no-MSG changed how the standard food presents. This is Americanized Chinese food, not traditional Chinese. I ordered online, and it is very well done, but cons: no ETA on the takeout, and you can't pay online. Paying there was quick enough. I had confusion when I got there because you are given an order number online, but they use your phone number.Foods we tried: Steamed "Green triple" was a nice crisp mix of green beans, pea pods, and broccoli (there is another version on the menu, but I don't know the difference). We were happy to find pork strips on the menu, since that use to be a common find years ago, but not now. Instead of the medallion-sized ones we expected, these were large cuts! Everything else we ordered is what was expected by the name of it. The House Special fried rice is everything but soy sauce. Meatless fried rice is made with soy sauce (right amount, not swimming in it). Kung Po chicken not too spicy. Beef and veg has a really nice sauce to it. Veg Lo Mein and Chicken Chow Mein aren't my thing, but I was told they were good. Finally, got the Hot and Sour soup, and it had a nice kick to it. Everything we tried was nicely prepared, the veggies fresh, the meats well cut (and not fatty), and really hit the spot on a New Years Eve.We are happy to have found this good option on the Cape, and plan to go there again and try other things offered. We plan to stick with take-out, as the dining room is diner-like and lacking ambiance.
Title: 12/21/2015 7:29:00 AM
Can you tell me if you will be open for business Christmas Eve? If so, how far in advance would you accept my order?
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